Aircraft Aviation Vacuums

Aviation Raven 6 Vacuum: Delivers the latest advances in vacuum design technology to give you the clear-cut advantage. The Aviation model is specifically designed for easy use in commercial and private aircraft. 

Color: Granite 

Weight: 9 lbs. 

Capacity:  6 quart CFM: 112 (CFM) airflow 

Power:  928 watt power source guarantee powerful performance! 

Optional: The Std Tool Kit is optional (at additional cost)!

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Aisle Vacuum: Ideal use for small & large aircraft. Clean quickly and efficiently in hard to reach areas. Only 10" wide.

Motor: Special 400hz head with lift handle. 1.2hp air-thru motor (Continuous Cooling), 94 CFM - waterlift 90".

Hose: 10ft.


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Machine Specifications

The Airline Vacuum: Designed for dry pickup to clean carpeted and hard surfaces and  especially in small hard to reach areas.

Motor: Special 400hz head with lift handle. 1.2hp air-thru motor (Continuous Cooling), 94 CFM - waterlift 90".

Tank: 5Gallon

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Probe Backpacks: Compact and Lightweight the probe is designed for operator's comfort. Ergonomics backrest with lumbar support reduces back fatigue especially over extended operations. Vacuum carpeted and hard surface areas under aircraft seats, in restrooms, along corners & edges quick & easy. Four Layers of filtration system of micro cloth, micro bag, motor filter & dual cell noise filters that maintain max cleaning efficiency for a clean air enivorm=nment & reduced noise level.

Motor: 2-stage, 1.2HP 400Hz 94 CFM - Waterlift 97"

Capacity: 10-Quart or 6-Quart (Probe Junior)

Hose: 2ft-7ft. (expandable)

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Machine Specifications

Milestone Pigtail Cable: 400Hz pigtail connection attaches directly to aircraft power supply.

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Aviation Extractor

115v, 400hz unit.  

Vac motor: 3 stage, 136" of lift, Pump pressure: 50 PSI, 

Solution Tank: 5 gallon, Recovery Tank Capacity: 4 gallon

Tank Material: Polyethylene,
Vac/Sol Sply Hose Size: 15', 

Dimensions: 28"H x 24.5"L x 16"W

Weight: 57 lbs.
Includes: 10" stainless steel wand, 4" upholstery tool and vacuum/sol sply hose. 7" non marking rear wheels, 2.5" front casters. Twist lock power cord stub.  Folding handle for easy storage. Special baffle system for
quiet operation.

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DYNA-BELT: Perfect for any residential or commercial cleaning job. The idea is simple, DYNA-BELT holds your products around your waist while you work, making you more efficient. With DYNA-BELT there will be No need to go back and forth to retrieve products. DYNA-BELT Saves you Time & Money! 


Adjustible Belt fits all standard adult waist sizes. Comfort Fit around your waist with easy flexibility to lean over, bend down or reach up.

Pouches for holding your cleaning products & money storage (in front).

Velcro strap for holding paper towels (roll it up when not in use)

Swivel hooks for cloth bags.



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